First blog post

Being a news junkie myself, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and start my own blog. But being a Skeptic, I plan to use my blog for good. I will start to post news articles from a skeptical and investigated angle. I despise the biased news, and usually end up researching stories, so why not create a blog to flex my writing abilities as well?

I plan to work this blog daily, mainly writing about a news article a day.

Monday – Thursday I will post daily news ranging from politics, health, science (pseudoscience), business, and historical stories.

I want Friday to be Good Friday  were I post on stories related to religion, science, philosophy and the like.

Saturday will be a week in review were I will either review the direction of the news stories or touch on a story that seems important enough to warrant another article.

And finally, Sunday will be my book review day where I will touch on books I loved or hated.

This is will be a blog started out of my news obsession as well as a way to start writing more – If it becomes something more, then I’ll be happy and write more!

Suggestions and comments are welcomed




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