Mike Pence the Credulous

More like Mike the Non-thinker. In a recent News interview with MSNBC, the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee, believes “Evolution is just a theory”. And just when I thought the Republican ticket may have a candidate with some brains, Pence decided to throw away any intellectual vote. Beyond the brain rot I could go on about, this really goes to show the voter the thought process behind the candidates.

In fact, the Evolution vs Intelligent Design debate is perfect to quickly determine people’s thought process; that is, one’s opinion on the matter can greatly assist in determining if that person is a critical thinker. I challenge the reader to use this tool to decide if the person has some capability of critical thought.

I appeal to the fair mindedness of the readers and assume you believe in evolution. the basis for it’s “belief” is founded in fact. Any critic who says otherwise has no viable alternative except the old “POOF! God did it with magic!” We have to grow out of this.

And just as we expect a certain rational analysis in our own thought, we defiantly need it in our presidential candidates. I challenge the reader to use the Evolution VS Creation tool to determine between a fact and credulity.


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