Closet Sexists

In my daily life, I was surprised to find myself in a room full of adults declaring women cannot hold political office. I was astounded! It really makes one think of what they think about the women around them, or indeed themselves (as some were women themselves). But It turns out, that these closet sexists are far more wide spread than one would expect from a western country in the year 2016.

The most recent case, and the reason I was drawn to write about this, is Bryan Fischer comment. If you don’t know who he is, it’s because you probably have an IQ over 80. This old charlatan relies on the Bronze Aged morals to run his, and everyone else’s lives. Including not allowing women into a high political office. Here is the clip if you need a dose of brain-rot:

“I don’t think women should be entrusted with high political office… you could make a good Biblical case”

Fischer may not be able to use them, but he has the balls to even go after Massachusetts Judge Debra McCloskey Todd. And this is where the brainless sexists really get it messed up. Debra Todd is extremely suitable to be Judge. She has been serving since the eighties and has an extensive list of achievements that qualify her for office. (Here is the list

And yet, this is meaningless to this old prune. His mind is stuck in 2000 B.C. Jerusalem. The same with all the other supposed adults who hold this to heart. They may even think it is moral to keep women out of high office. This is just another tool you can use to truly judge someone’s mental capabilities, for these people truly belong in the infancy of our species.



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