The Forgotten Holy War

It has been a little over 2 years since it started. It is forgotten in the news and so unheard of – I even forgot about it! It is the Saudi Arabian war against the new Yemen government.

The public strive was apparent as far back as 2012 when former President Ali Abdullah Saleh resigned following the Arab Spring protests. Since then, Yemen has been in a sort of “civil war” between government forces and the “Houthis”; a Shiite muslim rebel force trying to take control of the country.

The Saudi Arabian government, as well as the rest of the world believe there has been an Iranian and Iraqi influence in the area that used to be Saudi. Whether or not that is completely true remains to be seen. Either way, the Saudis are fighting for control of their little corner of the Middle East by sending 150,000 troops into Yemen to “stabilize” the region. Saudi Arabian representatives have described this intervention as and effort toward, “security and stability through establishing a political process”. Because of this goal, the Western War seem to have ignored the war.

Why bring up this war now? Besides its lack of attention, and obvious religious aggression; there has been a deadly air strike on a militia camp in Yemen over the weekend. The shocking part was that the militia camp was not a militia camp – it was a school full of children ages ranging from 6 to 8 years old. This has finally caught global attension!

UNICEF’s Jean Harneis said Sunday, “We’ve had a verification team who went to the site and was there on the day. We’ve been to the hospital and we’ve spoken to parents. Many of these children were six-years old, eight-years old. There’s just no way that those were fighters”. The most recent count is 28 injured and 10 dead. UNICEF took the publicity and erroneously exclaimed that another 100,000 children will die from lack of resources they would have had if it weren’t for the war. How they got that number, I don’t know. But what is sure is that this is nothing less than a Holy War. Had those children been Saudi, perhaps there would have been more care when initiating an air strike.

I am doubtful the world community will do much to intervene in this conflict maybe they shouldn’t. But at least we can take this war for what it is: a century old Holy War.



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