Exaggeration and Ukraine do not Mix

Fear mounts as the NATO allies (including the US) and Russia are moving more troops to the Ukraine border. Earlier today, Putin stations over 40,000 troops on the Ukraine border threatening the year long lull in the conflict. This, may or may not be a reaction to the U.S. fulfilling it’s commitment to assisting the NATO forces in the eastern front by sending it’s own troops. This is another push to “World War III” – but is that a rational conclusion, or a drastic over exaggeration?

You may notice, when a big event occurs be it a technological advancement, a political change, or even a UFO, we see stories all the time that point to the biggest conclusion. I bet the reader has already thought of some examples.

Over exaggerations are a completely normal human trait – however irrational. The erg to over exaggerate stories is a way we get people’s attention or a way of story telling itself. But the human Psyche may offer a clearer picture as to why people just to the biggest conclusions. The Psychological Journal ‘Emotion’ published a study in which the test subjects would or would not over exaggerate. The researchers checked their vitals and noticed the the ones over exaggerating were overwhelmingly more calm and confident. The reason, Dr. Gramzow determined, “It’s basically an exercise in projecting the self toward one’s goals”.

It would also seem that over exaggeration, though useful in the media, helps spread stories and gather attention. because it is an irrational reaction, it needs to be carefully examined. One needs to be skeptical.

Of course military moves by Putin and other world leaders need to be taken seriously – but with a grain of salt. Same with UFO sightings or government conspiracies, extreme claims require extreme evidence, and assuming this means World War III, is silly. Let us handle the situation as is to avoid any rash or impulse decisions.




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