Nuclear Energy Missinformation

I must be either optimistic, naive or both. The battle against misinformation regarding Nuclear Power is still raging – and its raging in some unsuspecting places. I usually wouldn’t write about this since it seems like a no-brainer. I felt compelled to touch on the major points regarding Nuclear Energy in response to some brain rot that is circling the internet.

Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate, recently tweeted:

“Nuclear power plants = weapons of mass destruction waiting to be detonated. Time to shut them down” (1)

After a clear lack of any economic skills, I doubted Jill Stein’s understanding of the issues. But now that she has spoken on Nuclear Energy – it is clear Stein lacks a basic understanding of the energy, scientific, and political facts. The fact that she really thinks a nuclear power plant is a weapon would be humorous, if not for her following. If she does not even know that, how can any reasonable person still support her? Thankfully, she isn’t doing so well.

First of all, Nuclear Energy is already providing about 20% of America’s energy. It is doing even more wonders in Europe because it provides huge amounts of energy for an incredibly low price (compared to coal and especially when compared to solar), and with no environmental impact (2).

Second, it is safe energy! Especially when compared to fossil fuels. There have only been 3 disasters with nuclear energy ever (3 mile island included, but it really shouldn’t be) where as with fossil fuels there were 10 in the past 25 years (3).

So safe, most scientists are pro-nuclear! Sunniva Rose asks, “How is it possible to worry about global warming, and not be pro-nuclear?” (4). A good question for the misinformed Green Party.

And finally, you cannot make weapons from a nuclear power plant. This part is a little confusing if one hasn’t researched this. The materials used in a power plant (Plutonium) can be made into a weapon, but the plant itself cannot explode or be converted into a weopon (5).

It is a pretty silly scare tactic used by environmentalists – but these scare tactics MUST be investigated – especially if it means losing an amazing power source like nuclear energy. This is a perfect power source! A miracle of modern science! It provides clean long-lasting energy (which should appeal to the Left) and it produces huge amounts of energy at a price lower than fossil fuels (which should appeal to the Right). And yet, we are still arguing about it! before picking a side – please investigate it yourself. I will provide sources below



2, 3.




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