Epipen Epidemic

I spent a good amount of time honestly trying to find a reason why the lifesaving EpiPen’s price was increased so dramatically. I am somewhat versed in business and thought there must be some reason for such an outragous price increase – I found nothing. It seems that Heather Bresch is the new pharmaceutical villain and – as of now – had no reason fro the price increase.

Now, someone who arbitrarily increased a life saving drug’s price must have a record that at least points to such morals in the past. Heather Bresch is the chief executive of the EpiPen company, Mylan. Increasing the EpiPen from around $100 to $600 is just scratching the surface. Bresch has a long history of wrong doing and irresponsible business handlings.

Firstly, let no one forget, that Ms. Bresch never got her business degree from West Virginia University – untill 10 years after she attended school. She only completed about half of her degrees course work. Why 10 years later? Please don’t assume someone like her would go back. She got it back in the same manner she is accustom to: through dirty dealings. Her father was the state governor Joe Manchin who was able to work things out. The University came out later and revealed that the degree was wrongly awarded.

After her rise to power, her company relocated to the Netherlands to avoid federal taxation. Maybe her ties to the Democratic party tried to stop her. Clinton, after all, is against companies leaving the country to avoid taxation. But the DNC seems to have turned a blind eye.

Her political ties are something to be investigated too. Her father, now a Democratic Representative, keeps her and her company in the loop with the government and even Hillary Clinton. Bresch was able to influence and pass drug laws – even from Europe!

Not only does Bresch owe Americans an explanation, so does Mr. Manchin and leading Democrats. This price increase is just another scheme in her history of backroom dealings. The public must keep the pressure to make this pip squeak. People want an example of crony capitalism – This is it!


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