Condom Ban Hoax

A story broke that Mike Pence, Vice presidential candidate, wanted to ban condoms. It spread like wild-fire. The quote used was, “If you want to risk ruining your life before it’s started, go ahead, gamble with condoms. But I say we need to ban them and make the right decision for those who clearly aren’t capable of making it themselves”. This quote is not true – a shameless quote out of context. The source (Newslo, Politicalo, and Religionlo) were bad sites and have done this for clicks. The investigative work was done by Kim LaCapria at Despite what you think about the candidates, a skeptical reader should be at least slightly pleased that the truth is shown. And one may feel a slight relief that Mr. Pence (I call him Pence the Credulous) does not actually think we should ban condoms.

If one digs, a controversal quote from 2002 does point to the idea, but in fairness the Mr. Credulous, he does not really suggest we need to ban condoms – he simply wants to promote abstinence in a not-so-subtle Christian plug:

“I mean, at the end of the day, what condoms actually do is they give our kids a false sense of security, they’re actually tricking them into thinking they’re having safe sex, when in fact, very often, those intercourses result in unwanted teen pregnancies. And the reason why that’s happening is because condoms are designed to be hip, to be modern, to be practical and what not, and the truth is that that’s a lie. The only way to stay safe from premature pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases is to practice abstinence and pray to God, that’s the only real way to stay safe,” Pence argued. “At the end of the day, it’s the unjustified trust in condoms that plays a huge part in abortion rates going through the roof…”

And here is where the misquote comes in:

“If you want to risk ruining your life before it’s even started, go ahead, gamble with condoms. But I say we need to ban them and make the right decision for those who clearly aren’t capable of making it themselves. What we don’t need are condoms that are unsafe; what we DO need are smarter kids”

This quote seems to have been buried in time – only to be brought back to life by shameless lies brought to you by Newslo. Now, with that cleared, we must not forget who really desired the condom banned: The Catholic Church. As if it is a bundled package, the Catholic Church provides healthcare along with its charity. unfortunately, that means no condoms. Any working brain can imagine what has happened when people are denied condoms as well as AIDS education: people die. Millions die. The workings of the Catholic church has brought suffering to those in Calcutta and greater India, in Kenya, in Rwanda, and missions around the world.

As Christopher Hitchens said in a debate against Archbishop John Onaiyekan, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, Nigeria, and the Rt Hon Ann Widdecombe:

“I say it, I say it in the presence of his grace, and I say it to his face the preachings of his church are responsible for the death and suffering and misery of millions of his brother and sister Africans, and he should apologize for it”

With that said, be on the look out for these irrational beings who have deemed the condom banned. If they be in a position of power – defy them! No doubt, brain rot like condom bans are just the tip of the gullible irrational iceberg.


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