The Kurds: Homeless even at home

If you already don’t like Turkey’s current administration, this defiantly wont help. Although they initially refused to assist in the Syrian war or with the ISIS menace, they now wish to intervene – now that the hard fighting is over. And to add even more to it, they are once again assaulting the Kurdish people.

From the very beginning, the Kurds in southeast Turkey and northern Iraq, have been defending land that is not even theirs from ISIS. Although they are the largest minority group without a homeland, the Kurds (men and women) have taken  up arms against  the radical Islam group. This is an even bigger feat considering their past.

Remember the Baath party in Iraq and their cruelty towards the Kurds and the Kuwaiti people. It was Saddam Husan’s ethnic cleansing attacks that made the U.S. believe they possessed weapons of mass destruction. Recovering from that, the Kurds also had to deal with oppressive attacks from both Turkey and Iran. The attacks from Turkey were so bad, it was used as one of the reasons the United Nations refused to let Turkey into the UN.

Now, the brave Kurdish people, fighting for land that is not their own, have run into more trouble with Turkey.  When Turkey first began interventions in Syria, even Russia showed concerned calling on turkey to avoid strikes in Syria on Syrian Kurds. Minister Omer Celik responded,

“Turkey is a sovereign state, it is a legitimate state. To suggest it is on par with a terrpristorganisation and suggest there are talks between them, that a deal has been reached between them, this is unacceptable.”

Despite its hard fight from Mosul all the way to North Syria, the Kurdish Militia have been ordered – and dare I say threatened? – to move out of the area and allow Turkish troops to take charge. The reason being, is that the victories seen by the Kurdish forces maybe used as patriotic fuel for separatism at home.

Despite the assistance the Kurds have received from the U.S. since even the 80’s, the Turkish defend their bullying by claiming the U.S. was very supportive in Turkey’s general counter ISIS and efforts to secure their borders. The Kurds, people forever without a home or a voice, must be kept quiet for now. Yet another aggression towards the hard fighting U.S. ally.

“The Kurds are homeless even at home” – Christopher Hitchens


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