North Dakota Pipeline Misinformation

Everyone has heard about the Native American protest in North Dakota – and the cause is very legitimate – but the people I speak to and see online seem to be under a misconception regarding the whole event.

First off, the confrontation is right outside of the Standing Rock reservation for the Sioux Indians. The Dakota Access Pipeline is a 1,172 mile pipeline that has the potential to transport over 500,000 barrels of oil a day – saving uncountable amounts of money on 18-wheeler transportation (not to mention, the environmental impact these 18-wheelers have). The project was already approved by the government to cross the Missouri River – and here is the best part – the pipeline crosses over a mile north of the reservation.


Too often do I hear complaints that the government is taking more land away from the reservation – which is completely false. Arguments like this is an easy way to discover someone has no idea what they are talking about. And this protest, taking place on public land, has recently been causing more problems. The first reported act of violence has been reported – the protesters attacked! Four private security guards and police dogs have been injured when over a hundred protesters confronted them.

Again, more reports of protesters being injured are circulating without any proof. The Sioux spokesman, Sitting Bear, has reported that 5 protesters and one child have been bitten by security dogs and that at least 30 protesters have been pepper sprayed by security guards – which is a big deal considering the guards are not policemen. If the protesters were pepper sprayed, there would be grounds for assault charges. And yet, there were no reports of such events. Sitter Bear never reported it!

Could it be that the protesters couldn’t prove any violence from the police? Even more, the national guard has been sent to the area to control the situation in a more professional way. This is a rational reaction from the government because of the many complaints. But the ones who are worried are the protesters! The national guard would protect them against any brutality and could properly handle confrontations – but the protesters are up in arms! Could it be that they do not want the authorities involved? Of course it is.

This protest has even become a political movement. Amy Goodman, executive producer and host of Democracy Now! has a warrant for her arrest for trespassing. Jill Stein has a warrant for tresspassing, and mischief in connection to the protest in North Dakota.

It should be noted that: yes, the Sioux have the right to protest. they have the right to be worried. But it must be said that the North Dakota Pipeline is NOT of tribal lands; brutality has not been reported; protesters ARE breaking laws; the pipeline has been approved and can save alot of money. The facts are important!



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