You Get What You Vote For

No one can ignore it. The painful cringe on everyone’s faces as they grudgingly support with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. On one hand, we have a flamboyant tough guy who’s ego wouldn’t fit in an Olympic stadium – and on the other hand, we have a corrupt crippled robot who would, and has, said anything to get into office. The two party system has been rotting away and has finally failed completely giving us a buffoon and a robot. But these deplorable candidates have not earned our vote – they are not entitled to our vote. Decades of voting for the “lesser-of-two-evils” has produced failures as candidates and  failures as presidents. It is time for something different.

Donald Trump

What can be said about Donald Trump? He has gotten away with uncountable amounts of ridiculous brain rot – he has convinced normal rational people that he is the only answer. If anyone else spouted the amount of garbage he has, they would lose their minds! Trump’s character alone has produced unimaginable amounts of craziness – including insulting captured soldiers, immigrants, and foreign countries. I do, however, see his appeal. The incredible level of “PC” we see on a daily basis has crippled free speech in the name of feelings. The grid lock and politically corrupt system begs for a bold and frank business man to straighten D.C. out. But a buffoon such as Trump would completely embarrass our country and ruin our government further.

Hillary Clinton

One does not need to look far to find something rotten in her resume. I think the most telling flaw about her is her incredible lies. Who can forget her bold faced lie about her husbands affair in 1992, her lie about her support for the Iraq war in 2008, the lie about coming under sniper fire in Yugoslavia to name a few. But the more recent lies like her crippling health, confidential email scandal, the Benghazi attacks, and the coordinated DNC attack against Bernie Sanders really tells of Clinton’s horrendous personality. It is completely safe to say, she cannot be trusted in or out of public office. If Clinton were to be in office, voters will see more gridlock, more lies, and more conspiracies. Again, I can see why people would vote for her. Clinton is defiantly the lesser-of-two-evils and absolutely less threatening than Trump – but her shameless ability to say and lie about anything to get her in office makes her a mystery candidate and, potentially, just as dangerous as Trump.


So what? Why am I writing a cliche post about how bad our candidates are? Well, I feel the compelling need to make at least one post before the first presidential debate. And to the benefit of the reader, I will assume this is all information that you already know. everyone is dreading election day – no matter what you thought of Obama, there is a passing feeling of mourning when imagining seeing Trump or Clinton in his place. No matter who wins, the country will survive, but it is time to vote your conscience and let your voice be heard. In my next post I will write my opinions about my choice candidate (so far). Stay tuned and stay informed!


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