Referendum in Hungary

Hungary surprised many around the world last year when the tiny Eastern European country decided to take migrant issues into their own hands by constructing a huge fence along their southern border. By doing so, they actually diverted migrants passed their own country and to more Northern and far more wealthy countries – but have worsened relations with other European Union countries.

Hungarian Prime Minister Vikto Orban believes that the loss of relations with the North is worth it because he has kept out migrants and terrorism, “The more migrants there are, the greater the risk of terror” Orban, who sees himself as a hero to the Hungarian people now needs to stand against the EU itself to keep these anti-immigration policies implemented.

Late last year, the European Union created a migration plan that would allow more migrants into the continent and make it easier to relocate. The plan meant to make Greece and Italy (the biggest entry points) accept more migrants – but it puts huge strains on smaller countries like Greece, Croatia, and other Balkan countries, including Hungary.

Unlike Germany and Sweaden, Hungary does not have the economy to support additional migrants nor is it prepared to. The biggest problem with the EU plan is that many countries see the Union as an authoritarian bully. Mr. Orban has spoken out about this before calling the EU “an unelected, liberal elite” And although Orban’s policies are unpopular globally, they are extremely popular in Hungary. His “Fidesz” party actually saw a huge increase in voters and more support from other parties like the Jobbik Party – which is a significant tactical advantage for Orban’s next move against the EU demands: another referendum.

Yes, another one! It seems that, along with the United Kingdom, other countries wish to have their voices and concerns heard – and this migration crisis is the boiling point.   The Hungarian voters will answer the question: “Do you want the European Union to be able to mandate the obligatory resettlement of non-Hungarian citizens into Hungary even without the approval of the National Assembly?” At this point in time, there seems to be large support of a “No” vote on the referendum due to Orban’s success.

Two days ago, Orban described the migration plan as illegal and unreasonable and “If there are more ‘no’ votes than ‘yes’ votes, that means Hungarians do not accept the rule which the bureaucrats of the European Commission want to forcefully impose on us.”

Even though Orban seems to have odd reasons for opposing migrants, namely the “dilution of European Christian culture”, he does stand up for his country in a crisis that the Hungarian people are weary of. The bottom line is: a sovereign nation needs a voice – and we have seen little room negotiations within the EU.


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