Kaine VS. Pence – The VP Debate

The Clinton – Kaine team made it no secret that the debate will be focused around offense toward Trump and Pence – and it shows! I was completely skeptical about this debate following the boring, peaceful first presidential debate – but I was wrong! Kaine came out in a fiery offensive aimed at Trump and Pence was calmly ready for the attack.  If you have seen my past posts about Mike Pence specifically, I was not too nice. Pence has supported anti-science and anti-rational legislation throughout his career. But, with Kaine’s aimless and naive attacks, Pence has been revealed to be more collected and knowledgeable than Kaine, Clinton, and even Trump!

Tim Kaine, senator from Virginia has shown the public how desperate the campaign is a this point. Even though the Clinton team is actually ahead in the key swing states, the horrendously disrespectful and childish performance by Kaine really makes me doubt that the margins will stay so distant. Mike Pence, however, did prove to be the bigger man by keeping a calm head in the 72 times he and the moderator was interrupted by Kaine. The moderator of the event, CBS reporter Elaine Quijano, however, failed to keep a lid on Kaine’s hot head – making the debate humorously difficult to watch. Each time Pence tried to answer or defend a claim, Kaine brought out another attack before he could finish. Pence responded, “If you could let me answer I can get to these one at a time” – Of course, Kaine didn’t let him finish by challenging Pence to defend Trump’s record…again!

Of course, interruptions do not make someone a bad presidential candidate – I am reminded that even cool-headed Obama was one to interrupt sometimes. But there is something to be said about a grown adult who can not allow their contestant to finish a sentence – and then imagine those same people trying to function in the U.S. Senate! Let me add my favorite crosstalk from the debate. When asked to defend the idea that many voters see Trump as a risky choice, Pence responded to Kaine’s claims about Hillary:

…I mean, the situation we’re watching hour by hour in Syria today is the result of the failed foreign policy and the weak foreign policy that Hillary Clinton helped lead in this administration and create. The newly emboldened — the aggression of Russia, whether it was in Ukraine or now they’re heavy-handed approach… [INTERRUPTION]

KAINE: You guys love Russia. You both have said…

PENCE: … their heavy-handed approach [INTERRUPTION]

KAINE: You both have said — you both have said Vladimir Putin is a better leader than the president.


QUIJANO: Well, we’re going to get to Russia in just a moment. But I do want to get back to the question at…

PENCE: But in the midst — Elaine, thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Senator, I’ll…[INTERRUPTION]

KAINE: These guys have praised Vladimir Putin as a great leader. How can that…[INTERRUPTION]

QUIJANO: Yes, and we will get to that, Senator. We do have that coming up here. But in the meantime, the questions…[INTERRUPTION]

PENCE: Well, Senator, I must have hit a…[INTERRUPTION]

PENCE: I must have hit a nerve here. 

QUIJANO: Why the disconnect? 

Pence: … Look, to get to your question about trustworthiness, Donald Trump has built a business through hard times and through good times. He’s brought an extraordinary business acumen. He’s employed tens of thousands of people in this country [INTERRUPTION]

KAINE: You are Donald Trump’s apprentice. Let me talk about this…[INTERRUPTION]

PENCE: Senator, I think I’m still on my time. [INTERRUPTION]

KAINE: Well, I think — isn’t this a discussion?

QUIJANO: This is our open discussion. 

KAINE: Yeah, let’s talk about the state of…[INTERRUPTION]

PENCE: Well, let me interrupt — let me interrupt you and finish my sentence, if I can.

KAINE: Finish your sentence.

PENCE: The Clinton Foundation accepted foreign contributions from foreign governments and foreign donors while she was secretary of state [INTERRUPTION]

KAINE: OK, now I can weigh in. Now…

PENCE: She had a private server…[INTERRUPTION]

KAINE: Now, I get to weigh in. Now, let me just say this…[INTERRUPTION]

PENCE: … that was discovered…[INTERRUPTION]

QUIJANO: … Senator, you have an opportunity to respond.

PENCE: … keep that pay to play process out of the reach of the public.

KAINE: Governor Pence — Governor Pence doesn’t think the world’s going so well and he, you know, is going to say it’s everybody’s fault.

PENCE: Do you? 

And so it goes. If you are weary of either candidate and politics as a whole, you might not like this debate. If you do not like either candidate, like the situation I found myself in, you will see a presidential Pence vs a desperate Kaine. So far I have written two posts regarding Pence’s credulity – but it seems I need to begin digging into Kaine’s past – no doubt I will find similarly childish, and naive instances in his past.

I posted the debate below. Enjoy! And get ready for the Second Presidential Debate this Sunday


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