My 2016 Election prediction [Update]

Earlier last month, I made the naive decision to make some election predictions. Absolutely hating both candidates, like most voters do this election, I think I have an unbiased view on the results. But even with that, these two candidates are impossible to predict. Immediately after my first prediction, Trump had some lewd comments leak, Clinton had even more emails released, women pressed rape charges against Trump, and the FBI investigation showed signs of re-opening. Because of that, I think my previous prediction is now void.

Following a few poll averaging, I decide that the main state to watch is Florida. Following Clinton’s relationship with the FBI, the polls swing “big league” in Trump’s favor. Now, it sits at a close tie – but the big change seems to suggest that Trump has a bigger elad there than we thought. In my newest prediction Florida and New Hampshire are the only ones I really changed. And although the polls swing back and forth in most swing states, I believe they will stay as they are. Here is my new electoral map showing an ominous result:


I do think that Clinton will ultimately win this election, but there is nowhere on this map I think could change in a  big enough way to stand by. Based on the trend as a whole, this map seems to be a s accurate as I can get. There must be one or two states that will surprise us to show a Clinton victory – but that remains to be seen. Either way, election night will be a dubious and thrilling night. Be sure to tune in and avoid any riots.



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