Gullible predictions – The Religious Making Election Prdictions

Christopher Hitchens once said that credulity and ignorance is a revolting characteristic in every field that has ever existed… except in religion. In the discussion of religion, you must sacrifice at least a portion of your rational faculties – the election is no different. It is difficult now a days to find a single scientific study, survey, or statistic that is not contradicted or ridiculed by some religious power. And today being election day, let me introduce you to some people who want to ignore even poll findings.

The people of have discovered the winner of the 2016 election in the old testament! The psychic they is is Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson – a charlatans who has sold over 30 books about using the so-called Bible code. he has even predicted the last election using the same code. ( he was wrong by predicting Romney would win). But this election is special – mainly because evangelicals are trying to find any reason to vote for Donald trump who is anything but a holy man. In this prediction, the Rabbi revealed this stunning coincidence:

“…published on July 6 in which Glazerson presented a Bible-code table from Deuteronomy. He pointed to the word Donald, spelled in Hebrew letters, next to the word nasi, which is Hebrew for president. He also found an abbreviation for Artzot haBrit, which is the way the United States is referred to in Hebrew…”

The prediction the Rabbi is making suggests that Donald trump is the new Cyrus the Great – a Biblical leader of Persia who let the captive Jews return back to Israel. The story hints that god used Cyrus to free the Jews back to their home land – even though Cyrus wasn’t a believer, and even though god put them in captivity anyways. Since Trump is not really a believer, we can only guess that evangelicals are using Cyrus as a way to connect him to the bible. It is a complete stretch either way.

If this system worked, then why has it been wrong so far? And why isn’t it used world wide? because it doesn’t – I don’t have to remind my sharp minded readers of this. But it is an important quality of irrational credulous people that others must keep in mind: they do no act within the same reality as everyone else. besides checking in on them for a cheap laugh, we need to be reminded that this sort of non-thinking is a horrendous crime against everything our race has developed over time.

So, even though now, charlatans like Rabbi Glazerson and the ones who report his “predictions” are a stain on human thought and are somewhat benign – free thinkers need to keep them in their corner and use their publications as a tool to draw some useful conclusions about their followers.

Stay sharp guys!


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