The Shameful Anti-Trump Lies

Panic, uncertainty, fear, and anger is flooding the streets across America since the President elect Donald Trump won the 2016 election. This clearly primal and barbaric response has truly brought out the worst in young Democrats. But nothing is as shameful and deplorable than what happened just hours after Trump was elected president.

In Baton Rouge Louisiana, a report came in that a young Muslim woman was assaulted on the campus of Lafayette University. Reportedly, the 18 year old woman claims that two white men wearing white Trump hats yelled racial slurs, then attacked her with a metal pipe, and stole her purse and Hijab.

The same day, police at San Diego University  reported another attack in which a Muslim student was harassed with offensive slurs about her faith and her car keys and car was stolen

The following morning, yet another Muslim woman was attacked. Two white men drove up to her in a sedan and struck her with a metal object and stole her wallet and Hijab – all while yelling obscenities at her.

In every case, these women declined medical treatment, even though one was reported to have been “knocked out”. And unless, the men can travel from Baton Rouge to San Diego and back to Baton Rouge, these reports seem false. Like many of the other shamefully disgusting, this seems to be an attempt at validating all the unreasonable violence being spurred on by the #notmypresident gang.

And these false allegations are not the first ones. Many popular myths have been spread by the all powerful Tumblr and Facebook with as little proof as possible. A recent myth is that Trump supporters chanted “We hate Muslims, we hate Blacks, we want our great country back” during a rally. This is of course proven false by the people at

And it must be said that there is legitimate attacks out there and the scum who commit these crimes deserve the fullest extent of the law. Such as in the case where University of Wisconsin-Stout, Hussain Saeed Alnahdi was attacked and later died from his wounds at the hospital. Mr. Alnahdi did not deny medical assistance – this was a real attack on him. The false claims of attack and bigotry are shameful at best and shallow and divisive at its worst. There is no doubt more false reports will follow mirroring the rape allegations that arise periodically. Similarly, these two are out of frustration and is simply a pitiful call for action.



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