Thomas Jefferson Series


The stereotypical god-like praise for the Founding Father’s receive are pounded into the American children beginning in grade school. It is not uncommon to develop a nihilist point of view towards these sage historical figures. But when one matures and learns about the issue of individual freedom and how our country’s ideals came to be, the Founding Fathers become a central icon for liberty. In my opinion, there is no grater hero than the Sage of Monticello himself: Thomas Jefferson. Most know him from the lowly nickel, but Jefferson, our third president has done far more for establishing the theme of personal freedom, fighting against the forces who threaten our liberties, and most importantly, built up the wall that stands today between the Church and State. As Christopher Hitchens coined:

“Mr. Jefferson; build up that wall!”


Because of his importance, I will be doing a short series on him throughout the month to go over his accomplishments and legacy. My more pessimistic readers will already have a list in their head about all the scandals and myths regarding Mr. Jefferson. Rest assured, I will also try to cover the more popular stories about the president to debunk any false ones.

Stay tuned, and remember: Build up that wall!


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