The Tea Party is not Libertarian

The term “Libertarian” made its debut onto the political scene through an unfortunate way. It was during the early Obama years that the infamous Tea Party made its appearance with peaceful, yet angry protests against the Obama administration. The Tea Party, hoping to create ties to the revolutionary Boston Tea party event has done anything but. They are conservative, pro-government, and religiously bias – a horrible way to commemorate the secular founding fathers. And yet, the Tea Party persisted libertarian roots and not only tarnished our founding father’s ideals, but also the very name “Libertarian” is linked to the evangelical conservative movement.


In a recent study by the PRRI, a conservative Christian political group, only a mere 10% claim to be Libertarians within the Tea Party – where 52% identify as the Christian Right with the remainder belonging to the “conservative” group. But the differences between the Tea Party and Libertarian base lies a huge and impassable hole of ideological differences. For example, issues like abortion, physician assisted suicide, legalization of marijuana, and gay marriage presents issues between Tea Partiers and Libertarians – one that can not be reconciled. The biggest difference, to me, is the religious ideals between the Tea Party and the Libertarians. Libertarians, famous for the rights of man, prefer no religious bias be tied into government, where the Tea Partiers overwhelmingly promote religion in the government, schools and in daily life – a huge error to the founding fathers and libertarians alike. So how can libertarians and Tea Partiers differ on such huge issues and still be lumped in together?


The protests, featuring aging seniors sanding around with signs, seems to have made a possibly conscious connection to Libertarians. While, yes, the Tea Party is anti-government, they are anti-one kind of government: Obama’s government and while Libertarians can agree on hedging back government power – it is for completely different reasons. The Tea Party goal is to attack the Obama’s administration for the sake of reactionary conservatism – where as the Libertarians seem to keep their focus purely on the rights of man. The Tea Party is nothing but what is now considered the alt-right: Ultra Conservative, evangelical, reactionaries.



In Defense of “Aleppo Moments”

The number one criticism in the media – and therefor, everyone else – of Gary Johnson is his slip-ups in recent interviews. The most reveling part about this publicity is that Mr. Johnson has so little to attack. The fact that the media picks these self-proclaimed “Aleppo Moments” should be a good thing. Those who choose to bring up his slip-ups in casual debates just proves that they really have no idea who Gary Johnson is.

Mike Barnicle, the MSNBC commentator of the Morning Joe program had Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson on for a casual interview. The interview was mostly unwatched except for when Barnicle asked Johnson how he would address the refugee crisis in Aleppo to which he responded, “What is Aleppo?”  After some explaining from Barnicle, Johnson responded that the United States must respond with a coalition to improve the situation there.

adsfadfadfffff(Here is Aleppo by the way)

Now, on it’s surface, it does seem like a pretty big mistake. To the simple minded, it would appear Johnson is an airhead who does not know foreign policy basics. But when the conversation arises, I challenge you to ask the accuser to point out Aleppo on the world map. Chances are, they can’t do it. The most outstanding point one could hear is that Aleppo is the Syrian Capital (In fact, there are multiple Aleppo’s in Syria alone). This just proves they do not know what they are talking about. Aleppo is simply the major city in the heat of the Syrian Civil war (the capital is actually Damascus). You can see the video below:


The other, and more recent mess up was also on MSNBC when Chris Matthews, hosting the town hall meeting, asked Johnson to name his favorite foreign leader, or any foreign leader he admires. Again, those with a small attention span will proclaim, “Johnson doesn’t know any foreign leaders!” Some people can be so small minded.

Matthews continued when Johnson couldn’t think of an answer, “Go ahead, you gotta do this. Anywhere. Any continent. Canada, Mexico, Europe, over there, Asia, South America, Africa. Name a foreign leader that you respect.”

Now, keep in mind that Johnson is a Libertarian – typically very skeptical of authority. The lack of an answer was simply due to the fact that Johnson probably does not idolize any living leader. Everyone has their faults and that was what Johnson was probably stuck on. He ended up saying, “I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment in thinking of the name of the former president of Mexico” Luckily, Libertarian Vice-presidential candidate Bill Weld clarified, “Vicente Fox”. The video is below:

Again, the best defense one can use is to turn the question and ask, “who is your favorite foreign leader that you admire?” Most likely, they can’t name one. I honestly can’t name a living foreign leader I admire and Johnson responded recently by saying, “It’s been almost 24 hours…and I still can’t come up with a foreign leader I look up to”

I would love to hear Trump or Clinton’s response to this. Maybe they’d say Putin? I appeal to the fair mindedness of the readers and assume you are of above average intelligence, and I still think these questions would be difficult to answer.

Watch the interview and make your decision and remember: this slip-up is the worst the media has on Johnson – whereas Trump/Clinton have a lifetime of these “Aleppo Moments”

My Pick for 2016

I have had a strange urge to promote my pick for 2016 President but have thus far avoided posting because it is all I see. Posts – everywhere – about one of the presidential candidates. And although it really doesn’t matter who I choose in my state, I will finally get to it and write my reasons for my presidential candidate.

As I have expressed in my last post, although I have usually voted Republican in the presidential elections, I have seen failure after failure in the candidates chosen and an even bigger failure in social issues. “[Donald Trump] has gotten away with uncountable amounts of ridiculous brain rot – he has convinced normal rational people that he is the only answer”. I still love the Republican party’s fiscal responsibility – and I do love Trump’s character – but I cannot bring myself to vote for such an erratic and egotistical candidate. I have always voted for the lesser of two evils, but I can’t do this any longer.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand is so far from ideal, I bet Bill is having a difficult time voting for her. A completely corrupt and irresponsible liar – [Clinton’s] shameless ability to say and lie about anything to get her in office makes her a mystery candidate and, potentially, just as dangerous as Trump. Her record from 1970’s until now convinces me, and should convince everyone else that she is a total mystery. Yes, she reveals her plans for office, but it is clear that her plans are not based on her convictions, but rather based on which way the wind blows.


The candidate I am supporting needs to be one that is responsible, clear headed, and has a track record that proves his convictions. In a financial crisis that has been lingering since 2008, the candidate needs to be fiscally conservative – and they need the history to prove it. But, with race and political tension increasing everyday, the candidate needs to be socially liberal. Finances do not change – but people do. Which is why our president needs to keep our citizen’s liberty in the forefront of their policies.

We need a fiscal Conservative – and a Socially Liberal candidate.

That is why my pick for president is Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. Here is why:

  1. Fiscally Conservative

When Johnson took the office of Governor, New Mexico was in financial turmoil – just like every other state in America. But unlike every state, New Mexico had Johnson. When Governor, Johnson was so set on fixing the financial problem of the state, he vetoed any bill that either couldn’t pay for itself, or couldn’t be paid for. The number of bills vetoed is 739!

     2. Capitalist

Being a true Libertarian, Johnson is a hands-off capitalist. With Johnson, there would be no more unfair and irresponsible government bailouts, “I’m against any type of federal stimulus”. This way, the economy is free to do what it does best: make money! In every instance around the world and throughout history: the freer the market, the freer the people.

     3. Cutting the budget

Only a truly incompetent voter would suggest that we do not need to cut the budget. Our overwhelming deficit is crippling what little recovery occurs. Johnson, himself, says it best when he first ran for office in 2012 as a Republican, “I have proposed cutting the federal budget by 43 percent to bring it into balance. It can be done. It requires the will and ability to ignore and even fight the special interests that have a vested interest in more and more government spending. Our system is corrupted by special-interest campaign contributions. Crony capitalism permeates our government. The result is that, as the Congressional Budget Office reported this week, the deficit for 2012 will once again exceed $1 trillion”

     4. Socially Liberal

Republicans have suffered inconceivable losses in popularity lately by sticking to out-dated, illogical, and biased beliefs – this is not what the Republican party was founded on. If they continue to turn away from the social issues, they turn away from liberty. The issues such as gay marriage, LGBT issues as a whole, religious issues, and views on foreigners take away personal liberties – there is no way around it. If Republicans continue to try and take away choices of individuals, they will cease claims to the idea that they are a party of liberty.

Gary Johnson has shown a deep conviction for personal rights. The idea that the government has no say in our personal decisions is America’s most deeply held ideal (or so it used to be). It is time for Americans to realize that personal liberties are personal. If someone thinks they are born with the wrong gender, who am I to try to correct and control that? No matter how odd it may seem.

     5. Common Sense Civil Rights

Like the above, Johnson shows a comprehensive understanding for thoughtful civil right actions. Every opinion is no polarized by party lines, but rather by logical thought. On one hand Johnson believes, “Individual liberty includes supporting gay marriage” and on the other hand, “Each state has right to display the Confederate flag.” He also believes, “No affirmative action in college admissions nor state jobs” but also supports, “Supports separation of religion and state”

On any issue, Gary Johnson shows a clear understanding for personal liberty and also a Constitution responsibility within our government – both are traits that have been absent from the oval office. The political grid lock, social unrest, and irresponsible government spending is an exact outcome from years of a two-party system merely voting on party lines. If we could just return to a responsible, citizen focused, constitutional nation, then recovery would be all too easy.

Do I think that Gary Johnson will win? It is highly unlikely. But I absolutely cannot vote for either the Republican or Democratic candidate. Johnson, unfortunately, will not be on the first debate stage on Monday, but there is hope! He is not at the 15% mark to land the debate, but if Johnson can capture only 5% of the vote in November, then the Libertarian party could actually receive federal campaign funding – just like the Republican and Democratic party. Either way, I hope my vote can send a message that the two parties are not entitled to our vote.

Whoever you end up voting for – don’t settle for the lesser of two evils.